Monday, December 17, 2007

Final Farewell

Today was the last day for me at Swanson school and it definitely was one that was filled with mixed emotions. Many of the same students who gave me the hardest time were asking me to stay another day and to come back and visit.

Over the weekend Jan, Cory, and I went to "Christmas at the Zoo." It was mainly for kids with face painting and Santa, but they also had bands and a parade...not to mention seeing all the animals.

Today was the "Leavers Assembly" for the Year 7/8's. It was great to see all the students who were recognized for their achievements this year. Getting ready for it during the day also lent itself to allow me to spend some last moments talking to the students in my class. As one of the teachers said when she saw me jumping rope with all the students at recess yesterday...I really have come along way...from the struggle of getting the students to listen to getting to know them and befriending them such that I'm out playing with them. I guess it was just bittersweet. I hope that many do keep in contact as promised because I would like to know how they turned out in high school next year and beyond.

At the same time as my adventure at Swanson Primary comes to a conclusion... a new adventure starts tomorrow. I'm excited for the activities ahead. We are going to an island off Auckland for a wine tour this week, blackwater rafting at Wiatoma caves...and then my tour also starts this week. I'll be backpacking down to Queenstown (15 day tour). Then I fly to Sydney in Jan. and get to spend the week taking in the sights and hanging out with Brian before coming back home to the reality of job hunting. If I get time I'll try to post some pics from the tours...otherwise, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you all in 2008!

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